Floyd Mayweather isn’t only one of the most accomplished professional boxers in the history of the sport, he’s also one of the most boastful flexers of all-time. On any given day, “Money” Mayweather can be found on social media showing off his material possessions, making sure that the world gets a good look at his million-dollar watches, his fleet of luxurious cars, and his out-of-this-world mansion. 

The boxer has a fight scheduled with YouTuber Logan Paul, which he references in his latest Instagram Live stream, and he’s likely training hard for the bout, but in his spare time, Mayweather felt like doing some flexing. Going live for his millions of followers, Mayweather started by showing off his cars, walking through his garage and pointing to several Rolls-Royce models, a few Bentleys, a couple of Mercedes-Benzes, some Lambos, and a number of Ferraris. Once he was done giving a tour of his garage, Floyd walked inside his palace and continued the walk-through.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Right when you walk in from the garage, you can enter the pool area on the left. He proceeded to move upstairs to a living area before stepping into one of the most luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll likely ever see. 

These are just some of the things that money can buy you. Watch the video above and try not to get jealous.