He’s expressed that he’s tired of hearing the “platinum with no features” jibe, but J. Cole can’t run from its truth. The North Carolina-bred rapper is known for sharing music while flying solo in a generation that creates full albums with features on every track. EarthGang recently sat down with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 and the Dreamville duo was asked if they had the inside scoop on Cole’s “no feature rule.”

Jeff Hahne / Stringer / Getty Images

“I think he’s so locked into the story that he wants to paint and the things that he wants to tell and the stuff that he wants to do on his music that I think he just allows himself to be in that space,” said Olu. “I respect that.” WowGr8 chimed in, “We don’t have many features on our own work. We kind of be locked in. Each feature is very strategically placed.”

EarthGang also spoke about how J. Cole treats every song as if he’s engaged in a lyrical battle, whether he’s alone or not. They also added that Cole may have been inspired to host features after working with his Dreamville team on their collaborative projects. Check out the interview in full below.