Nobody wants to wake up, check social media, and see a picture of their father in the nude. That’s just not something that sounds particularly appealing. For Dwyane Wade’s kids, they got to experience that much on the basketball legend’s 39th birthday.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are known for being pretty wholesome on social media. They regularly share content with their beautiful family, but on the morning of D-Wade’s birthday, they decided to spice things up. “Birthday behavior,” wrote the Miami Heat icon on Instagram. “39 is already looking up.” In the picture, the NBA analyst stands completely nude, being blocked only by his wife in a bathrobe.

As you can likely anticipate, the post drew comments from all sorts of people. Bradley Beal was amused by the picture, writing, “Ok champ” with a laughing emoji. Damian Lillard was less enthused, commenting, “Aye come on @dwyanewade”. Of course, Wade’s own children chimed in, voicing their disapproval of the picture.

“This isn’t what i wanted to wake up to,” wrote 18-year-old Zaire Wade with a disgusted face. “Ayooooo chill, I just got on,” replied Dwyane’s 13-year-old daughter Zaya. Even the latest addition to the family, 2-year-old Kaavia, told her parents, “Thought I had more time before his midlife crisis.”

The photo has been liked over a million times on Instagram, so clearly, people found it funny. Do you think the Wade children will ever let this go?