The hip-hop community was shocked after finding out about Dr. Dre‘s scary hospitalization. The legendary rap producer suffered a brain aneurysm and was admitted into the ICU as he recovered. Thankfully, medical health professionals assisting Dre took good care of him and even said after a week that there wasn’t a “bad outcome” on the horizon.

Karl Walter/Getty Images

Ice-T has been among those who’ve provided updates on the Doc during his stint in ICU. On Friday, he confirmed that Dr. Dre finally returned home. “Update: Just FaceTimed with Dr. Dre,” Ice-T wrote. “He just made it home. Safe and looking good.” Decades after founding the artform of gangsta rap, and Ice-T continues to prove that there’s no cap in his rap. Producer Focus… took to Instagram where he shared a photo of Dr. Dre and a group of others, including Phonix Beats, Smitty, Dem Jointz, and more, posing together in the studio. 

“My Big Bro is Super Good!!! We Working… I TOOK THE PIC SO I’M HERE,” Focus… captioned the post. A more insightful post came from Dem Jointz who shared the same photo. He didn’t say anything more than, “And We Back!!! #Detox21.” Now, Dre himself hasn’t confirmed that this would be happening, and if we’re being honest, nobody will actually believe Detox is released unless it actually drops. But, it would be great if we can hear what he’s been working on for all these years. 

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