Demi Lovato pleaded with Vice President Mike Pence on Instagram, Saturday, to invoke the 25th Amendment and impeach President Donald Trump, following the violent riot at the United States Capitol, last week.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

“We must all come together condemning the mob that stormed the Capitol this week,” Lovato said. “Donald Trump incited violence against our democratically elected officials and is unfit to lead this country. @vp, please invoke the 25th amendment + congress please move forward with impeachment. We must protect the future of our democracy.”

The riot ensued in protest of the results from the 2020 Presidential Election. Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Josh Hawley, and other Republicans have been condemned for their roles in spreading false information regarding the election.

Lovato published a lengthy statement on Twitter following the riot:

My heart is broken. It makes me to sad to believe how naive I was to think this couldn’t possibly happen, and yet it did. Here we are. For everyone in my comments saying ‘where’s d7’ or wanting me to sing instead of speaking up about what needs to change in this country. THIS IS WHY I POST AS MUCH AS I DO. THIS IS WHY I CARE. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN ANY FUCKING MORE. I’m angry, embarrassed and ashamed.

She added that she’ll be releasing new music soon. “I’m in the studio working on something special after today’s assault on democracy.”