James Harden looks to be on the way out in Houston, telling the press that the Rockets “just aren’t good enough” in his post-game comments last night. The team’s own commentators have taken notice of Harden’s lack of involvement on the floor this year, and they’ve joined in on the trollery, roasting the superstar player for his apparent weight gain last night.

After spending the offseason at various strip clubs without a mask on, James Harden reported to duty in Houston days before the season was set to tip-off, and it looked as though he had gained some weight. The 31-year-old appeared to be out of shape, possibly enjoying a few too many chicken wings at the club and sporting a hefty belly. Houston’s commentators finally said something last night, joking, “If we wanna talk about some aesthetics, James Harden definitely had a pre-game meal, averaging 17-points per game–.” The announcer was cut off by his colleague, who said, “Hey, chill out, chill out” after nearly spitting out his water.

They’re not the only ones to have noticed James’ new look, filling out his warm-up jersey quite nicely. DJ Akademiks also posted the video to his popular page on Instagram, inviting hundreds of comments about the hooper’s weight, as well as his own.

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Do you think James Harden will get traded soon or will he be forced to spend the entire season on a team he clearly doesn’t want to play for?