After Trump loyalists concluded their rally in D.C. by attempting a siege at the Capitol building to prevent the transfer of power to incoming president-elect Trump, the nation’s capital has been in disarray. Since then, the FBI and federal lawmakers have been working hard to ensure the far-right extremists who sought to overthrow the government are prosecuted in a timely manner before they are able to reconvene to wreak havoc at the upcoming inauguration. Sources close to the situation report that Capitol police officers tasked to defend the building have been feeling drained in the days leading up to the political event. 

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that since the attempted coup on January 6th, officers at the Capitol have been working 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week to prepare for the inauguration. A large number of cops are allegedly feeling drained as they work tirelessly around the clock with no end in sight. Some fear they won’t be in good shape come Inauguration Day, when they need to be at their most sharp. 

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Officers with the D.C. police department have also been recruited to protect buildings around D.C. and they allegedly share the same sentiments as the Capitol officers, working 12-14 hour days with very few breaks. It’s said the officers have been told they need to be okay with very little family time for the next couple of weeks well into February even if there’s a significant threat of unrest after the inauguration. 

Sources say many officers have questioned how they supposed to be at their best when they’re already burned out, while others have gone as far as to resign. We hope the officers are able to get some rest ahead of the Inauguration ceremony next week.