Conway The Machine spent the entire weekend inciting major speculation into his current and future status as a member of the well-respected Buffalo-based label Griselda. After fans pointed out that there was no mention of the rapper in the group’s new movie Conflicted, Conway took to Twitter to muddy up his present spot within the team, hinting that he could be going his own way after his next album.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The 38-year-old rapper spoke cryptically about his future with Griselda, cracking some jokes and possibly trolling about some things. When the first person asked him why he wasn’t involved with Conflicted, Conway was straight-up in saying, “I can’t act”. That’s fair enough. His tune would change throughout the day though. Another person asked the same question and he hit back with, “What movie”. Then, when a follower called out the apparent tension between Conway and Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher, the rapper tweeted out a GIF of James Harden.

Finally, Conway addressed the situation up-front, seemingly claiming that he could be done with the trio after his next album. Responding to someone who shared a screenshot of Conway telling a fan “sorry” after they asked if he left Griselda, Conway revealed that he’s not done with the group… yet. “No I still have 1 album left,” he said. 

While this news will cause an immediate dampen on any Griselda fan’s week, there’s a silver lining. Conway admitted that his next album comes before the end of this month. 

Do you think Conway is just playing around?