Conor McGregor is one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet and he has always tried to look the part whenever he’s out in public. From lavish suits to expensive jewelry, Mcgregor is constantly making sure he is the sharpest dressed person in the room. With his fight against Dustin Poirier going down on January 23rd, McGregor is looking to take his material possessions one step further, as he recently flexed an obscenely lavish wash from the good folks over at Jacob & Co.

According to TMZ, this watch costs just north of $1 million and features diamonds, crystals, gold, and even a magnesium globe. The watch has a four-satellite construction which gives the watch a unique look that will immediately make anyone turn their head in astonishment. 

The piece is called an Astronomia Tourbillon and the mechanism inside is fairly advanced. When it comes to being able to tell time, the piece isn’t the most practical thing in the world although it’s clear that McGregor was looking more for flash than functionality.

We’re McGregor will be wearing this piece a lot over the coming days and if he beats Poirier, perhaps he will be copping himself yet another new piece to celebrate.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images