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Chrisean Rock’s Best Instagram Posts

March 14th, 2023

Ever since Chrisean Rock jumped into the spotlight, it’s like she hasn’t left.  Although she is popular for being in a relationship with rapper Blueface, the Baltimore native has her own claim to fame.  Rock is an athlete, reality TV star, and an artist!  It’s easy to depict her as a chaotic public figure, but underneath it all Chrisean is talented!

It seems as if she is on the rise to do many things.  Rock is very popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram.  She has 3 million followers as her IG handle is @chriseanrockbabyy.  It’s easy to hit the follow button when scrolling through her page.  Yes, you will be entertained.  

Here’s the best Instagram posts from Chrisean Rock.  

Intro on Baddies South

Chrisean Rock introduces herself to the world in this post.  She appears on Season 1 of Baddies South on the Zeus Network. Rock calls her fan base “Da Big Babies as Da Big Baby is her nickname and Instagram handle.

In her intro, the Baltimore native reveals she makes music, which is the main reason she makes money, along with just being herself.  Rock has entertained us all the past few years.  She calls herself the Missing tooth bandit as she is known for the gap between her front teeth.  Also, she proclaims herself to be a woman of God as well as a badass.  Rock is aware she never listens which is why she got her nicknames, Rock and da big baby.

She claims to be “a few people in one”. 

Blueface Tooth

Chrisean reveals she went to a dental surgeon to get a new tooth to fill her gap last month.  The video shows before and after videos of Rock.  She credits Dr. Trevor Thomas for the tooth as she tags him as her caption.  You can see Dr. Thomas in the video as well.  Blueface commented, “You look so pretty” under the post.

Weeks later, Rock went back to Dr. Thomas for some more work.  The 22-year-old had Dr. Thomas put a picture of her lover, Blueface, on her new tooth.  With all smiles, she looks into the camera telling the “Thotiana” rapper, she did it all for him.  Before the video ends, she posts a picture with Blueface showing off her tooth.  The LA rapper commented “That’s my lil Roc Roc” underneath her post.  Looks like he approves.

Chrisean Performs in D.C.

It looks like Da Big Babies really go hard for the reality TV star.  Although she is mainly known for her antics and relationship with Blueface, the Baltimore artist is looking to take her music career to the next level.  She performed in  D.C., to which looked like a packed crowd as many held their phones and cameras up to record Rock.

Chrisean posted photos of the night showing her and her team having a good time on stage.  She also posted snaps of her family that enjoyed the show as well last night.  Rock captioned the night feeling the love.

“Prayed for times like dis [emojis] first time performing in front of my family.  Da love was all so real [tear face emoji]”


As you know by now, Chrisean is not going to hold her tongue.  If it’s on her mind, she will say it.  Or, if you ask her a question, she’ll give you an honest answer.  In an interview with The Shade Room, Rock was asked how many times she and Blueface have sex daily.  She responded by saying three or four depending on how tired her man is.  She also said, she “puts him to sleep”, seeming confident in her abilities.  Her caption exudes that confidence as well as she writes, “All thunder storms over here [rain emoji, water emoji]”.

Sold Out Shows

Rock continues to go to cities and sell out shows.  She was in Charlotte, North Carolina over the Summer and Da Big Babies came out.  With phones and cameras out, fans were singing along with Chrisean.  Performing with all smiles, the artist shook hands with fans while on stage.  Blueface was in the corner recording his girlfriend, to which at one point she stared and smiled in his direction. It’s nice to see that her work is paying off.

Baddies Reunion Preview

Chrisean previews a clip of the Baddies South Reunion on the Zeus Network.  In the clip, you can see Rock arguing with a fellow cast member.  The next moment, you see her attacking Persusasion before the video cuts off.  Somebody sure knows how to build up suspense and get people watching.  The post racked up over three million views!

She captioned the post, “Who Else Tuning in This Sunday at the Reunion with…@thezeusnetwork #baddiessouth”.  As I stated before, Chrisean knows how to entertain as fans hit the comments.  One fan stated, “If you weren’t on the show I wouldn’t even be watching”.  While another fan commented, “This the ROCK REUNION YALL[emojis] I’m here for it babygirlll”.

Things Chrisean Said 

As I stated before, the Baltimore artist is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.  Whether in an interview, on social media, or television, Rock has no filter.  And, it’s safe to say, everyone else feels the same.  In a video compilation, which seems to be made by a fan, you can see many of Rock’s thoughts and takes.  She captions the post, “I’m so ghetto [crying laughing emoji]”.  The TV reality star has surely built a fanbase as this is part two of a compilation.

Sista Rock

Before 2023 started, the 22-year-old showed off her diversity.  She posted a snippet of herself singing a new Gospel song she made.  Rock calls the song, “Hallelujah” as she claims it was the first word she ever said.  She has always been a believer of God, so it’s only right that she tries her hand in this genre.  In her most viewed post yet, with over four million views, Chrisean plans to go in the new year on a positive note.

Chrisean is Confident 

Chrisean Rock has plans for her future.  She exudes confidence and believes in her talents.  In another in what looks like a fan compilation video, you can see Rock manifesting her music career and life in general.  The video continues to show her throughout her journey thus far.  It’s good to see that she is hungry to achieve her goals and if no one believes in her, she will.  

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