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Cassie Settles Diddy Lawsuit: Who Supported The Singer?

November 21st, 2023

The last few days have certainly been intense for Cassie Ventura and Sean “Diddy” Combs. On November 16, 2023, Cassie filed a lawsuit against the music mogul, immediately making headlines across the media. While the two dated for a decade, their relationship has been over since 2018. Following their separation, they seemed to have remained amicable and barely interacted with each other since. However, in a shocking turn of events, Cassie accused Diddy of years of physical abuse and sex trafficking in her recent civil lawsuit. 

Interestingly enough, a settlement was reached just a day later, which shocked the public even further, raising eyebrows as to why Diddy was so quick to settle the suit. As of November 20th, the case was officially dismissed. In the short time that the lawsuit stood, several notable celebrities stood behind Cassie. Besides her loyal fans, and a horde of social media users, here’s a list of people who openly supported Cassie.

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Alex Fine

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Personal trainer and actor Alex Fine is Cassie’s husband of four years. The two began dating in 2018, shortly after her split from Diddy. Interestingly, Diddy was originally a client of Fine, and it was the mogul who introduced him to Cassie. Subsequently, he became a personal trainer to Cassie as well, and the rest is history.

A source told People that Cassie “started to open up” to Fine after they hit it off in the early stages of their relationship. Evidently, he has been in her corner ever since. Unsurprisingly, since Cassie filed the lawsuit against Diddy, Fine has stood firmly behind her. Soon after news of the lawsuit broke, Fine shared a picture of himself and Cassie from their wedding on his Instagram story. Markedly, he captioned it with a heart emoji, but it was a simple but profound show of support for his wife.

Aubrey O’Day

Former lead singer of girl group, Danity Kane, O’Day wasted no time showing her support for Cassie. Following the news of Cassie’s lawsuit, she shared several screenshots on X, with the caption, “I stay trying to tell y’all.” In addition, she shared with Page Six that she is “in complete support” of Cassie. Furthermore, in a statement to Rolling Stone, she said, “Taking a stand against one of the most influential figures in this industry and being open about your encounters with them isn’t an easy path. I empathize deeply with what Cassie is going through because I’ve walked a similar road.” 

After Diddy and Cassie settled their lawsuit, O’Day blasted the justice system, writing, “Money [over] accountability. Every time.” Many misconstrued the comment as a slight toward Cassie, though O’Day cleared the air. “I WAS TALKING ABOUT DIDDY NOT CASSIE. she tole her story, she was brave,” she wrote. “The person that needed to hold themself accountable was PUFF, NOT HER. Justice is a word that means nothing to those that can afford it’s grasp.”

Formerly signed to Bad Boy Records herself, O’Day suggested that she had unsavory experiences during her time with the label. On an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast from 2022, the singer alleged that she was fired from Danity Kane because she “wasn’t willing to do what was expected. Not talent-wise, but in other areas.” Evidently, she maintained a cryptic stance, perhaps to protect herself. However, her recent comments supporting Cassie indicate that she may have previously contemplated filing a lawsuit of her own. While she has not been as direct and detailed about her experiences, her support for Cassie piqued the interest of fans, especially since she has been vocal about her disdain for Diddy for years.

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Dawn Richard

Like Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard is a former member of Danity Kane. In the past, she had barely had anything negative to say about her former label boss. However, following the announcement of the lawsuit, she openly supported Cassie. On November 16, she posted on X, “Praying for Cassie and her family, for peace and healing. You are beautiful and brave.” This also came as no surprise to fans, as the shocking disbandment of Danity Kane has long since troubled fans.

Kimora Lee

Admittedly, Kimora Lee’s support for Cassie and the lawsuit against Diddy is mostly presumed. However, fans believe the cryptic Instagram story the model posted on November 17 could have only been pointing to one thing. Lee herself has had an altercation with Diddy in the past. Therefore, when she posted “As you sow, so you shall reap,” following reports of the lawsuit, fans quickly connected the dots. Without confirmation, however, it cannot be said for sure what Lee was referring to.

Azealia Banks

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Never one to hold back, Azealia Banks confidently chipped in, backing Cassie soon after the lawsuit was announced. While setting camp on Instagram, she alleged that Diddy once beat Cassie up. According to her, it was so bad that Diddy had to send her to Hawaii to heal away from the eyes of the press. She proceeded to call Diddy “another violent hip-hop homosexual.”

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