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Casanova Calls For Prayers Prior To Sentencing

May 11th, 2023

Casanova has been in hot water these past few years. The rapper is currently fighting a massive drug trafficking and RICO case. As he awaits sentencing, Casanova has asked his supporters for prayers. Big Cas took to Instagram while still in prison and left a message on his story. In the post he asked fans and supporters alike for spiritual support ahead of his sentencing next month. “June 27 I get sentence keep me in your prayers,” Casanova wrote.

Furthermore, Casanova’s sentencing stems from his alleged involvement in a round-up RICO case against the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang. Despite a multitude of delays in the sentencing for unknown reasons, the time for sentencing has finally started to approach. Casanova faces up to a whopping 60 years in prison for his array of alleged gang-related crimes. Moreover, the rapper has been behind bars since December 2020 when he was named as one of the 18 alleged presenters of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation indicted in an extensive drug conspiracy case. Despite maintaining his innocence, Cas plead guilty to two counts of racketeering and narcotics conspiracy in May 2022.

Casanova Reaches Out From Prison

According to Rolling Stone at the time the Roc Nation signee moved to accept the prosecutors’ offer after somebody snitched on him. However, in his guilty plea Casanova admitted to trafficking around 100 kilograms of cannabis and acted as a signal caller for the gang. Not only that, the rapper admitted to his involvement in a 2018 robbery in New York. The robbery left the victim badly injured. Moreover, he also plead guilty to a shooting in Florida in July 2020 that happened due to a gambling dispute. Fans can buy “Free Casanova” merch from hoodies to tees for $45 to $60.

Furthermore, a couple of weeks a go Casanova posted a message speaking on the friends who betrayed him during his tough times. “Never re-friend an MF who tried to destroy ya character, ya money, or ya relationship,” he wrote. Cas finished his message by saying, “A snake only sheds its skin to become a bigger snake!….Hope that don’t go over y’all heads.” What are your thoughts on Casanova’s case? Send some loving energy his way as he waits for sentencing. For the latest on all things Hip-Hop follow HNHH for more.


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