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Britney Spears Reconciles With Her Mother, Social Media Reacts

May 26th, 2023

According to Britney Spears, she is in the beginning stages of working through her issues with her mother, Lynne. She shared an Instagram post recently, claiming that her mother showed up on her doorstep looking to work things out with her estranged daughter. The star says that despite it having been three years since their last visit, “time heals all wounds.” She went on to share that she feels “blessed” to have the opportunity to heal her relationship with her mother. Social media users had mixed reactions when it came to the news of the star’s rekindled relationship, with some feeling as though she should be careful who she trusts.

The post includes a photo of Spears as a child. It reads, “My sweet mama showed up at my door step yesterday after 3 years … it’s been such a long time.” She adds, “with family there’s always things that need to be worked out … but time heals all wounds !!!” Spears says, “after being able to communicate what I’ve held in for an extremely long time, I feel so blessed we were able to try to make things RIGHT !!!” She tells her mother, “I love you so much !!! Psss… I’m so blessed we can have coffee together after 14 years !!! Let’s go shopping afterwards !!!”

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Spears Says “Time Heals All Wounds”

The reported reconciliation comes amid various claims about the singer’s mental health, including reports of a troubled marriage with Sam Asghari. According to TMZ, “reliable insiders” claim that Britney was engaging in frequent yelling matches and even physical altercations with Asghari. Upon the release of the trailer for the outlet’s documentary on Spears, rumors that she had a “fascination with knives” also began to circulate. The sources told TMZ that Britney has a “constant fear of being institutionalized,” feeling that the knives are a “means for protection.”

Her husband took to social media to respond to the media surrounding their marriage. He said, “All of a sudden — after 15 years when she’s free after all those gaslighting.” Adding, “All those things that went down — now you’re going to put her under a microscope and tell her story?”

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