He recently spoke about releasing his final album, a project that Snoop Dogg will apparently be narrating, but there may be another Bow Wow project on the horizon. The rapper is known for his “playboy” ways—his words, not ours—and he recently suggested that he was toying with the idea of making a record where each track is dedicated to a woman that he’d dated. Bow Wow discussed the scenario with his mother who seemed apprehensive about the idea.

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“I know how all my fans love the relationship, girl records,” he said. “So I said, Imma do a whole album like that, but Imma call it Letter to My ExesEach song is about a girl who I shared a piece of my life with. There’s gonna be a little bit of backlash from it. You just gotta wait and see. I know they’re gonna be nervous. The women will be nervous because it’s Bow so what is he gonna say.”

The rapper’s mother told him that he needs to be careful and questioned if he would be name-dropping the women. Bow Wow said he would. “The songs are gonna be them,” he admitted. “But, everything is facts. There’s no dancing around.” Then, his mother named “Ang,” which is assumed to be Angela Simmons, and she also added that she knew there would be a track about Keyshia Cole.

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“I want you to be surprised,” said Bow Wow. “When they see the tracklist and they see these names, the internet is gonna go crazy.” After telling his mom that there will about nine songs on the project, she said she wasn’t aware that he was in these relationships because she was under the impression that he just liked dating strippers.

“Well, yeah. There’s a girl in there that used to strip,” said Bow. “I’m talking about a girl who went from dancing to she hit the lotto. Blac Chyna.” Watch Bow Wow discuss his previous love affairs below.