Last week, Bizarre of D12 fame was admitted to a Detroit hospital following a Transient ischemic attack, which is said to resemble a stroke. At the time, his manager shared an update on Bizzy’s health, indicating that the rapper would be “back soon.” Now, it would appear that Bizarre is in the midst of a full recovery, having taken to Instagram to share an update on his current situation.

 C Brandon/Redferns/Getty Images

“I’m back,” confirms Bizzy, sharing an image of himself locked in at the studio — a place his IG followers have come to recognize as one of the rapper’s most frequented haunts. “Thanks for all love y’all. Back in the studio doing what I love to do I Heizenburr Dm for features.” Clearly, not even a medical scare can halt Bizarre’s grind, and it would appear he’s ready to reconvene on his upcoming project Dumpster Juice, his first since 2019’s Rufus. Even if you haven’t been keeping up with Biz’s solo output, it’s evident that many D12 fans still have love for the shocking and occasionally depraved rapper, who once kept families awake at night with songs like “Fight Music” and “American Psycho.”

Check out Bizarre’s return to form below, and show some love to the Detroit OG. May his recovery continues to be a smooth one; Lord knows that these days can bring trouble at every corner, and health scares are no joke. The game has already seen too many rappers affected, be it Scarface, Jeremih, or Dr. Dre. Stay safe out there, everyone.