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Beyoncé Reminds Fans: “A Queen Moves At Her Own Pace, B*tch”

May 11th, 2023

Beyoncé is a highly successful artist with a devoted fanbase. The Beyhive fiercely defends her against negative comments on social media. However, because she has reached the pinnacle of success in the music industry, she is very rarely subjected to criticism. However, anyone who tries will be reminded by her fanbase that Beyoncé is an icon in the industry. Tonight, the singer began her “Renaissance” tour in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a significant moment for her as she has not toured since 2018.

Fans were eagerly waiting for the setlist, which they were able to see early thanks to a video of the tour book being uploaded. The tour book showed a preliminary setlist with some songs circled, starred, and crossed out. Fans believed it to be real, but not the final version. Now that the first night of the tour has concluded, fans finally have the full, 36-song setlist. However, Beyoncé did take a moment during the concert to remind fans who is in charge.

Beyoncé Is In No Rush

Since the release of Beyoncé’s latest album last year, fans have been begging for some sort of visuals. Generally, visuals are a huge part of any album the iconic artist releases. So, it’s no surprise that the main question on fans’ minds has been, “Where are the visuals?” Hilariously, a segment of Beyoncé’s set provided a very direct response to this question. In the intro to “Formation,” a narrator provides a voice-over as the words are displayed on huge screens. “I know you hear me. You’ve asked for the visuals,” the disembodied voice says. “You’ve called for the queen, but a queen moves at her own pace, b*tch.”

That wasn’t all. The narrator went on to remind fans that it was Beyoncé’s decision when and where she would give fans more, if at all. “A queen decides when she wants to give you a f*cking taste.” It was a hilarious reminder that Beyoncé is not blind to the cries of disheartened fans. However, make no mistake: demanding things from Beyoncé does not mean you will get them. What do you think of the message that the artist sent to fans during the concert? Let us know in the comments!

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