She’s recently shared that she’s in her final stages of grieving the loss of King Von, and Asian Doll has returned with some advice for men in the industry. The rapper has been mourning the loss of Von who was murdered outside of an Atlanta hookah bar back in November, and since that time, Asian Doll has been sharing pieces of her reported romance with the O Block icon. Doll has taken a break from revisiting her Von moments to offer up some guidance for “street n*ggas” who she says choose their boys over women who can keep them from trouble.

“Having a girlfriend can really save a lot of you street n*ggas life stop dogging these females for n*ggas that will cross you,” she wrote. “This generation need to normalize starting a family having a wife & raising they kids in 1 house Sh*t f*cked up seeing so many n*ggas lose they life with nothing left behind.. Life to short God put us all here for a reason……. find your reason.”

Her comments sparked a larger conversation about the responsibility of the rap industry and whether or not certain lifestyles being perpetuated in music has aided in how relationships and family structures are viewed within the culture. Check out her tweets below.