With Donald Trump no longer shielded by the Presidency, it’s likely that many of his critics will double down in their venomous teardowns. And seeing as he is one of the most controversial public figures in recent memory, expect plenty of disrespect to follow his departure from the White House. For Ari Melber, implementing rap bars into his media appearances is nothing new; the MSNBC host has proven himself to be rather savyy about the hip-hop world. Last night, the MSNBC host looked to the wisdom of 21 Savage to predict Donald Trump’s rocky road ahead. 

Harry Smith, Yo Gotti & Ari Melber –– Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“Donald Trump has some problems here,” begins Melber, alongside an image of 21 Savage. “How many lawyers you got? A lot. How many problems you got? A lot. How many people doubted you? A lot. Left you out to rot?” A dramatic pause for emphasis. “A lot.” While it’s unclear as to whether or not Donald Trump will indeed face legal consequences following the end of his presidency, it seems as if Melber is predicting such a fate for the one-term President — and doing so with style, it would seem.

While it goes without saying Melber’s casual invocation of bars will likely rub some the wrong way, it has certainly had the opposite effect on many viewers, to the point where the host has gained a considerable fanbase through his hip-hop knowledge. Clearly, the person watching the segment embedded below was having a grand old time — check out Melber’s remix of 21 Savage’s “A Lot” below, and sound off if you think Donald Trump is indeed destined for some challenges ahead.