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Worms are Good for Consumption as They are Rich in Protein

January 15th, 2021

The European Union’s Parma Food agency has declared, that worms are safe to eat.

The agency released scientific information recently confirming that the worms that can either be eaten whole or dried, are good for consumption as they are rich in protein and can be added to other foods to up their nutrition.

Even though it is said by the organization, that allergic reaction might be possible based on what the worms are being fed, the Tembro Molitor Larva is still being hailed by the EU as an ideal protein snack.

Only a few years ago in 2013, the UN’s Food and Agricultural organization passed bugs as perfectly edible food and a solution to hunger, and at this point, the EU has joined them by giving the dried yellow worms a pass for consumption.

Already the French have an esteemed meal of worms they call “Bon Gout”, while there also exists a Mediterranean dish consisting of the same, so consumable worms and bugs can be seen as a common thing in the world at this point.

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