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Woman’s Sister Stole her Husband

February 26th, 2024

Not knowing what else to do but to find a listening ear for her worries, a woman with family troubles wrote to the popular column Dear Pastor to air her grievances with her sister.

The woman, who mentioned that this was not her first time writing to the column, stated that one of her sisters is sleeping with her husband and that he has now fathered two of her children.

The woman (identity withheld) noted that for some reason her family presenters dislike her and have threatened her when she spoke about the matter regarding her sister and her husband.

The police have also shown no interest in the situation when she went to them about it.

According to the woman, her sister and husband now live together and she has lost her faith in men so she wants to live a life without them.

This was also encouraged by her two sons who have cut contact with their father because of his wrongdoings, per the letter.

In order to break free from the toxicity of her family presenters, the woman says she has gotten herself a plot of land on which she wishes to build a house and has decided that it would be best to live alone.

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