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Vershon Believes He’s Being Targeted “Weh dem a call police fah?” Goes Live to Give Details – Video

February 18th, 2024

Dancehall artiste Vershon believes that he is being targeted by the police following an unexpected search conducted on a vehicle in his circle. The entertainer revealed the suspicious activities of the police during a livestream.

Initially, Vershon speculated that the police had acted on a report made by someone, but later, he expressed that the police “come fi do somebody something.”

“Dis sound like a people call dem cah it cyah be nuting else,” he said in the live stream. He explained that a white car and a silver car at the location always travel together. However, the police only searched the white vehicle.

As the video continues, he is heard speaking to an associate, who urges him to be vigilant because the people who are watching him are responsible for the police showing up.

“But weh dem a call police fah?..One ting mi kno enuh, anytime yah try fi mek it a always some set a fassyhole a try fi wull dung yuh ting and try fi fight against yuh ting,” he continued.

In the video, the deejay emphasises that “nuting nuh inna di car dem,” and later adds, “Mi ago be honest wid unuh, di man dem nuh come fi search nuh car…”

And, “Man dem just come fi do somebody something, and dem realise seh dem cyah dweet because a which part we deh… Di style weh him wah pull off, him cyah pull it off tonight.”

Later in the video, Vershon indicates that the police are still in the area and another group of police officers are also nearby, prompting him to say that he is leaving the scene.

Watch the video of Vershon below:

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