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Tommy Lee Sparta’s ‘Psycho’ Played at Alkaline’s ‘New Rules’; Social Media React – Watch Video

September 4th, 2023

At the ‘New Rules Festival’ in New York on September 3, 2023, dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta’s song ‘Psycho’ took centre stage in a surprising moment.

In a video circulating on social media, one of the festival’s selectors asked the patrons if they were ready for the stage show while ‘Psycho’ began playing.

As anticipation filled the air, he cheekily remarked, “A New Rules, but yuh know who mi wah tell u suppm bout,” before launching into the chorus of Tommy Lee’s track.

“Mi nuh know bout dem, but mi know bout we, a Gaza wi run bout ya,” echoed Tommy Lee’s voice through the speakers. The selector couldn’t contain his excitement, jumping and prancing with enthusiasm. However, he quickly composed himself, ordering his colleague to stop the track. He then reminded everyone that it was the ‘New Rules’ festival.

See the video below:


The video, posted on Instagram by @questimesofficial, quickly gained traction, with many followers finding humour in the impromptu display. Some fans pointed out that this incident showcased the open-mindedness of dancehall artiste Alkaline, who allowed his musical adversary’s song to play at the event, even highlighting that he had done the same thing last year.

See some of the comments below:

On the flip side, a few individuals asserted that it underscored the dominance of ‘Gaza and Sparta’ in dancehall.

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