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Tommy Lee Sparta Could Be Beenie Man’s Future Son in Law… Here’s Why

January 24th, 2021

Beenie Man’s daughter Ikyra revealed on Instagram live recently that she has her eyes one Mobay dancehall artiste Tommy Lee. It is strange that even though The Uncle Demon has been in and out of lock-up she doesn’t seem to mind.

Science has attempted to explain why women are attracted to bad boys. Is it that they are just wanting someone society says they shouldn’t be with?

Ikyra was on LIVE with her cousin when they said that the now incarcerated dancehall artiste Tommy Lee is definitely someone they would want to be with.

Ikyra discussed her own love life, she told her followers about the main man in her life, when they wanted to know if the fellow is a celebrity.

She said she wouldn’t want to be with any stars, before calling on her cousin, who after a hesitation, said she liked Tommy Lee.

Beenie Man’s daughter then joined the argument, saying she liked Tommy Lee for all of the wrong reasons. She even continued her lustful monologue with a comment about his baritone like voice. She also said his voice again, talking about how it sounds when it gets deep and he says uncle demon, she also added while she gesticulated, the emotional explosions that happens to her when she hears his voice.

She really likes his sex appeal but sadly, it was clear that there could be a big factor standing in the way of this connection, as her cousin pointed out that he is in jail.

She then switched and said she wanted someone she could build life with, he didn’t need to be rich.

Her fans wanted to know if her father’s many broken relationships had affected her in any way. When she responded to them, she revealed that she was not influenced by him, she had made her own decision.

Ikyra was then asked about her haircut, she told her fans that she had cut all her hair off when she was in High School and mentioned that she wanted to learn a new language.

On the other hand…

Ikyra Davis Believes Beenie Man Give’s His Love too Freely

Ikyra Davis, the daughter of the dancehall veteran Beenie Man, believes her father gives his love too much, but she believes she shouldn’t be speaking on the demise of his relationship with Krystal Tomlinson.

She was on Instagram Live recently disputing mobile data charges by Digicel, the telecommunications company, but social media users were more interested in finding out why her father’s publicized relationship with Krystal ended.

At first she was not willing to talk about it and said she only wanted to talk about her own relationship, if it falls apart.

However, her cousin was willing to spill the beans and told the folks that the relationship between Krystal and the relatives of the star, have been good.

 The young ladies asked the social media nosey followers to put their questions to the parties involved. Davis also got back at those who blamed her father for causing the end of the relationship. 

 The deejay has been in many high-profile relationships. The first one was with Dancehall Queen Carlene in the 90s, then singjay, D’Angel, whom he had a son with, after they got married in 2006.

The daughter said her father is a very loving man. I feel like he gives his love too much, as he loves very hard and he is very emotional.

Amari, the social media sensation has been targeting the ‘Doctor Beenie’ since the split was announced by him on Monday, but his niece declared that she doesn’t really stand a chance.

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