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Swan Stuck in a Fence Goes Viral – Watch Video

February 17th, 2024

Footage of a bird(swan) stuck in a fence is making rounds on the internet, especially on social media.

The 35-second-long video shows the swan’s head fixed to the top of the fence via its neck.

The video was taken by a passerby who rescued the swan who appeared to be stuck for a while.

After being released from the fence, the swan fell to its back with its head still in the air as it seemingly tried to get up off the ground, however, it was unable to move its body and appeared to be very exhausted.

Shared on X formerly Twitter, the estranged footage has racked up over 35 million views in less than 24 hours.

There is no detail on/in the video as to when or where it happened, however, it appears to have taken place recently.

Check out the footage below:

The video clip has caused countless reactions with most people wondering if the bird was ok after it was released, some even criticized the person recording the moment, with one person questioning, “Why didn’t he flip him over?”

Another asked, “Someone please tell me this swan was/is OK?”

On the other hand, Some people are curious as to how the bird got stucked in the first place, one person asked, “How did her face get stucked? Poor swan.

See more reactions below:

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