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Spragga Benz Obtains National Maroon ID – YARDHYPE

November 20th, 2023

Following the rollout of the Accompong Maroon National Identification Programme, dancehall artiste and Rastafarian Spragga Benz has received his Accompong ID and Travel Card.

The Accompong National Identification Programme was rolled out in 2022, with individuals capable of tracing their Maroon bloodline able to qualify for a status within the state of Accompong. Spragga Benz, born Carlton Grant, has referred to his mother, Esmie Grant, as a Maroon in the past and appears to have passed the group’s vetting process, which includes interviews and a mandatory background check.

On Sunday, Spragga Benz took to social media to share a photograph of his identification card, which was issued last year and features a picture of the Things A Gwaan deejay below the Maroon abeng. Also noticeably featured on the card was the last name El and the artiste’s stage name instead of his birth name.

Captioning the post, Spragga Benz described himself as being a free soul.

“I declare and decree Myself a free soul within flesh navigating through Babylon under threat duress and threat from agents of the corporate construct and admiralty governments,” Spragga Benz stated.

Spragga Benz is a staunch supporter of Maroon sovereignty in Jamaica, openly criticising the government in the past about mining the protected area of the Cockpit Country in Trelawny, which the Maroons claim ownership of. But one viewer questioned if his ID can be valid if it does not have his real name. However, some of Spragga Benz’s fans described it as the deejay freeing himself from a colonial name.

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