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Skillibeng’s Girlfriend Taveionn Telfer Confirms Relationship With Dancehall Star On YouTube – DancehallMag

January 8th, 2021

Jamaican YouTuber Taveionn Telfer has confirmed that she is the girlfriend of Eastsyde deejay Skillibeng.

The content creator said she felt compelled to speak following speculations last week that she and the deejay are an item.

“Skillibeng and I are together, we are in a full-blown relationship…” she said in a recent YouTube upload. “I never thought I’d be addressing this anytime soon but you guys went as far as to tun some sorta investigator, unno go dig real deep and find whatever it is that you guys found, sent it over to some gossip pages, mi see myself inna video, like, it was getting to a point where it was no longer my truth… So I’m just putting it out there, telling you guys that this is what is happening.”

She also denounced comments which suggested she’s a gold-digging opportunist.

“You guys know nothing about this relationship. You guys know nothing about where we’re coming from or how we got here so let’s leave it there. It’s been going on for a hot second… Mi never ready because I know that these things come with a lot of negativity, a lot of hate, a lot of backlash… Some people will talk and seh, ‘She a do it fi build her channel’. Mi sure unno see mi a build mi own ting pon my own with my own personality from the get-go.”

The video has earned her more than 100,000 views, her most viewed upload since she started her YouTube journey in March. Though several of her Instagram posts bear captions of Skillibeng’s song titles, she said she was never dropping hints about her love life.

“Mi nah gi nuh hints to nobody… I am posting what I want to my post. It’s my page, my man – period.”

With that out of the way, Telfer wants to continue creating content without being asked about her man every three seconds.

“It’s affecting my channel in the way that I’m asking for unpopular opinions, dirty secrets…and it’s just pure Skillibeng, Skillibeng, Skillibeng. I can’t even get what I need for my video… Mi just hope seh now that unno know, unno will calm down a bit.”

She also told folks that her content style will not change, so there’ll be no couple’s photo anytime soon.

“Not because you guys rushed this part of it means that everything else is gonna be rushed. Everything is still gonna move at my own pace, his own pace. Whenever we are ready to talk, start doing stuff together publicly, you guys will know.

“I hope you guys can still respect our space, timing, everything. Just respect that we’re humans too and we should be able to do stuff on our own time…”

Skillibeng’s personal life was tucked away until October when a DNA test report surfaced on social media, proving that “Emwah Warmington Jnr” (his given name) was not the father of a child. The mother, Leshaun Salmon, claimed she had a relationship with him long before his fame, and that he went behind her back to have the child’s paternity tested. Skillibeng remained silent on the matter, just as he has concerning his relationship with Telfer.

The singer is best known for several successful singles including Mr. Universe, Crocodile Teeth, and Brik Pan Brik.

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