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RUMOUR: DNA has Proven Foota Hype is the Father of Flexxx’s 14 year old Child

January 21st, 2021

The tea today is very hot because it’s circulating that flex has been taking care of a son that doesn’t belong to him for the past 11 years.

According to Munzel a close friend of Flexxx, the child that Flexxx has been taking care of belongs to dancehall selector Foota Hype.

She went on to expose Tanya whose the mother of the 14-year son, throwing shades and describing her in the worst way possible. All of this was done on her Instagram page, Munzel also showed pictures Tanya with different men labelling her as a person who sleeps around.

Munzel is referred to as female RT online because she came with her receipt and files “straight facts mi a bring right yah suh” she outlines before showing pictures and highlighting that she did speak to both Foota Hype and Flexxx “mi nah diss Hype and mi nah diss Flexx” she states before dishing the secret to the public and she only did so because Tanya has been dissing her for a while now.

Pictures have been circulating on social media of Foota Hype and the teenage boy and he look and fans are giving their opinions on the matter with many saying that the child looks like Foota Hype.

Foota Hype has allegedly admitted that the child belongs to him. In the past, Foota hype has always claimed that he has no bones in his closet hence it’s a surprise to many that this secret is leaking out now.

More Gossip, now people are saying that Ishawna’s son does not belong to Foota Hype.

This is one big entanglement would you not say.

If you don’t know Flexxx is a part of the Mavado’s Gully Side crew and he is known for songs like “Money we want” ft chase and “Killy Killy”.

Foota Hype is known for always pushing his nose in people business so he won’t mind anyone in his business according to one person’s comment.

Watch the video below of Mumzel spilling the tea.

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