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Rita Marley Not Dead |

January 11th, 2021

Cedella, the daughter of Bob Marley has responded and shut down the rumours that we’re circulating of her mother, Rita Marley is dead.

She popped up on her Facebook account on Saturday where she posted a video with herself and her mother, having a relaxed time, chilling together to some Bob Marley songs.

In the post she captioned, “Jamming wid Rita Marley on this beautiful day. Tune into Bob Marley’s tuff Gong Radio on Sirius XM for good music and better vibes”.

In the video itself, she could be heard telling those tuning in, good morning, while telling her mother to say good morning as well which she did, further letting everyone knows she loves them.

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Cedella further went on to promote the Tuff Gong radio program, while giving thanks and telling her mom to ” Git it” for which she replied “Everytime”.

Since recently it has been the second time around that, the ” One draw” artiste, properly known as Alfarita Constania Anderson has been rumoured to have been dead, however, she is still alive and well.

The first time the shadow of death was cast on her name was back in 2016 when she came under an attack from a stroke which affected the right side of her body.

So at this point, the Rita Marley has been confirmed alive and fans of the Cuban born singer will not need to worry that the living legend is gone.

The former I-trees singer is well known for receiving an order of distinction in the year 1996 as well as several other awards, as well as personality of the year award in 2004 in Ghana after which she was later given citizenship in the country in the year 2013 for her immaculate philanthropic contributions to the African state.

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