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Queenie Says Her Fiancé Was Supposed To Be A One Night Stand – DancehallMag

January 10th, 2021

Popular talking points when it comes to Jamaican entertainer Queenie and her fiancé Dowey are their sudden engagement, age gap, and the British resident card. But the public was not aware of how their 2020 romance started until they shared it last night during OnStage.

Queenie said he was a regular fan who caught her attention when he said he had a june plum tree. Though she wanted mangoes, the artiste accepted the free-fruit offer from her supporter, which she collected by the tree as he picked it.

“Him peel di june plum outside under the tree cause his house deh right in front the tree,” she recalled. “Di mosquito dem a bite mi out there so when mi done eat the june plum him seh to me seh, ‘Queenie mi can invite yuh inna mi house enuh’. Mi seh, ‘Mi never know mi invited’ – memba a june plum mi go deh fah.”

She entered his abode and made herself comfortable on his bed, and call it cliché, but he put some music on. The mood-setter? Her breakout single Double Tap.

“When I sing that song I was single so the put weh him put it on now it’s like intimacy a automatically connect to me. Me lie on the bed and him put it on and mi a look pon the song and him come on top a me and him ting start grow from there.”

Queenie wanted their fling to end after the one night stand, but Dowey, whose given name is Dwayne Scarlett, wanted more.

“Mi voicenote him and seh to him seh, ‘Mi acknowledge who acknowledge mi but mi don’t lead on people, mi don’t want nuh man, I wanna stay single’. When I voicenote him that he said in his self he’s determine to meet me the second time so when him come meet me the second time mi nuh remember seh mi did bring him to my mom already so that’s how everything just flow.”

She added, “It was a relationship weh we never expect, it’s just someone normal come meet ‘The Queen’. You know ‘The Queen’ sexy and mi compliment yuh back and carry back a yard but it lead to love so mi label it June Plum love.”

June Plum is her latest release produced by Gud Gyal Records which captures her love story. Dowey, who now serves as her manager, said though their romance was not planned, “mi nuh know a next man (who) coulda ever feel the way mi feel fi she right now…”

As for their wedding, Queenie is down for going down the altar any day now, but wants things to be extra special for her big day.

“What really a stagnant it, I want this  beautiful wedding dress, mi nah go run go married inna one plastic bag.”

The couple got engaged in November and shared the moment via video on their Instagram pages.

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