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Queenie and Dowey to Host Reality TV Show

February 25th, 2024

Fans might soon be able to see more into the personal lives of Queen Ladi Gangsta and Dowey, as the pair will be hosting a reality TV show. The announcement of their upcoming reality TV show was made on Saturday, on the heels of their newly rekindled relationship.

News of the couple’s reunion was made public days ago after being separated for six months. Their tumultuous two-year marriage has been publicised online multiple times, prompting most internet users to criticize their relationship.

Despite challenges, their love remains undefeated, and the happy couple will be hosting Girl’s World, a reality TV show featuring a house of female guests.

Queenie posted the announcement, featuring her and Dowey’s wedding photo, on her Instagram account. The post stated that a number of ladies will reside in a “MANSION WITH THE ROYAL KING AND QUEEN.” Interested ladies should contact the booking agent to secure a room in the mansion.”

The post received many negative comments from Instagram users mocking the couple.

One IG user wrote, “Watch how the Royal king ago grind of the mansion servants dem no 😂😂😂😂. And sleep in a separate chambers from the Royal queen 🤴 😂😂😂😂.”

Another individual said, “Only careless people like uno woulda register.”

A third person wrote, “Unu life is enough of a reality show .no thanks.”

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