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Oney British’s Alleged Daughter Says Coralee Paid to Have Her Father Killed “You paid f**king money to kill the man” – Listen Audio

May 15th, 2024

Voicenotes said to be from Oney British’s daughter(s) dragging his widow, Coralee Osborne, online following Coralee’s online rant about being in danger and receiving ill-treatment from Oney’s children. The family dispute now unfolding online reportedly stems from the distribution of Oney’s assets following his murder in March 2019.

Coralee expressed on Monday that she struggled to confirm to the court that she is Oney’s surviving partner, as no one wanted to help her, including his friend Carlton. She also stated that Carlton, otherwise known as Tun Tun, wants to kill her for not helping him get a house he claimed Oney had promised him. 

On the heels of these claims, an audio recording surfaced in which a woman can be heard furiously arguing that Tun Tun always supported Coralee and claiming that Coralee was responsible for Oney’s murder.

Oney British’s widow, Coralee

The alleged daughter stated that Carlee was not being attacked by anyone. “No body not looking at Cora. She need to stop it. Afta she pay fi kill off mi father, the woman still come on and a do all weh she a do,” the woman said. “Who ago attack yuh, Cora, when yuh pay fi daddy? You paid f**king money to kill the man.”

She also said that Coralee took Oney’s children to court to prove that she was his surviving spouse after she could not confirm that she was his common-law spouse. Notably, the alleged daughter said Coralee and Oney had broken up two years before his passing.

Oney British

In the audio shared to YouTube by Mouta Massi, the alleged daughter added that Oney was legally married to a woman overseas, and Coralee took out life insurance for Oney the year before he was killed and then stole millions shortly after his passing.

She also noted that Coralee did not contribute to Oney’s funeral expenses and told the security at the house to block them from going inside.

Listen to the audio of Oney’s alleged daughter below:

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