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Monsta Boss Badly Injured During Attempt on His Life

May 27th, 2023

Jamaican dancer Monsta Boss revealed that he is currently recovering after suffering multiple injuries during an attempt on his life by unnamed assailants.

Monsta became a professional dancer in 2018 after gaining recognition for his dance move, the Monsta Dance. The young performer would go on to create multiple dances, such as Hand and Foot Play and Pie Pie, but his dance Leggo Di Bird and collaboration with singer Laa Lee would propel his career to new heights in the local dancing scene.

Monsta shared with his followers on Instagram yesterday that an attempt had been made on his life. The dancer shared a photo of himself seated with an injured arm and leg in a wheelchair, receiving intravenous therapy.

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Monsta did not divulge the details of what happened to him, nor did he share the extent of his injuries. Monsta wished himself a speedy recovery and expressed that God had protected him from the assailants who tried to kill him.

“Speedy recovery to me soon soon, jah jah. Dem try kill mi but mi deh yah same way. Who could it be but Jesus,” Monsta stated.

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