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Marion Hall Staying In The Church, Says “Lady Saw Dead!”

July 8th, 2024

On Sunday, Marionahall Hall also known as Minister Hall went live to talk to her followers online, as she made a round trip to her church which started at 10 AM. According to Hall, she wanted to get “something out there” as she returned to her place of worship.

In the video, Hall asks ungenuine supports who have been making videos about her, acting like they care for her, in particular, she points out a female who she labels a witch, praying for her online, “i don’t want witches praying for me” the outspoken former Queen of Dancehall outlined.

She also used the opportunity to invite prospective presenters to her church and gave out the address.

“I’m living Godly life… Some time you don’t see people until they see something start trending… they start acting they care for me.. a lot of you don’t bizniss with me… ” States Hall in the vehicle while on her way back to Church on Sunday.

Marion Hall

According to Hall, the real people know she will never return to her former Lady Saw Dancehall lifestyle, “the real people, you know yourself, the ones that know that there will never ever be a Lady Saw ever again.

She went on to reveal that the songs that have been circulating recently online were recorded “many” years ago before she got saved. In particular, radio show host, musician and poet, Mutabaruka publicity stated that he would not like to see her return to Danacheall and would rather see her stay in her church.

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She also asked, have you ever thought of a “Revival taking place at Sting”? Hall emphasises that she will be making Dancehall music like her recently released song titled Step, but not raunchy songs like before because “Lady Saw dead”.

Her short caption for the 26-minute-long video stated, “I’m staying with God.” For the

Check out a section from her video below:


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