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LA Lewis ordered by Judge to Do Psychiatric Test

January 22nd, 2021

La Lewis properly known as Horace Lewis is now in even bigger trouble with the law along with two other men known as Ras Wadewade Selassie I, and Nature forever for breaching the disaster risk management laws on October 3rd.

According to the reports, Lewis along with his co-accused friends were in Spanish Town, protesting against the wearing of masks, when they were told to leave the area by police, however, in the determination of doing what they felt was right they stayed.

He was later arrested along with the other men for a breach of the disaster risk management activities, and for ignoring the request of a constable to leave the area when asked to.

Just this Tuesday the comedic artiste, who says he is the leader of the Nyan Ka pong Maroons, said to the judge that they were kidnapped by the police and not arrested after acting in defence of a female.

Judge Monique Harisson seemed to have been puzzled by the whole thing however and decided that La Lewis and his cronies will need to do psychiatric tests before their March 16, court appearance.

The entertainer who also claimed the title of a Paramount Maroon High chief, also said that they were protected by the laws of the group, and should not have been subjected to arrests.

Officially no Maroon has defended La lewis, but he has so far gotten threats to be given a beaten by the chief of the group if he continues to declare himself as a part of the heritage.

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