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Krystal Tomlinson and Beenie Man announce Break-Up

January 18th, 2021

After much speculations for weeks, Krystal Tomlinson has finally cleared the air about her current relationship status with king of the dancehall Beenie Man.

For weeks Krystal has been hinting about their inevitable separation however today both former couple went online to let us all know that the 5 year relationship they had is over.

She took to Instagram and wrote “Five Years and folding, Part of growth is knowing when things have come to an end.”

Check out the rest of her statement below.

She earlier wrote the following below.

Many persons have been supporting her in the comments and calling her move “Strong”.

One person stated “this is soo classy! That caption/post is very mature and civil. All the best” while another said “I’m truly saddened by this. I saw your love, care and zeal when dealing with your children at George’s. I’ve admired your care and love and in my heart. I hoped a forever. Your grace, wisdom, poise and energy will always be embedded in my heart. You have now centred me Beautiful Black Woman of God. Blessings”.

See more responses below.

Beenie Man has since responded to the split himself and his baby mother is going through, he explained in a video posted to his Instagram that they both have grown apart and now he is free, single and disengaged.

While Beenie Man Believes that he is “moving forward” many of his supporters do not agree, see a few replies below.

Check him out below.

Last November Krystal stated that she was committed to letting go anything that does not serve her greater good.

The statement was made via an Instagram post by the budding politician, who also stated that not because she started something, means that she has to be the one to finish it.

The post went on with Tomlinson seemingly reminding herself not to fight for the wrong things, as she Is a “beautiful warrior”.

She also said that the only thing that is worth fighting for is peace and mind, self-talking to herself to let go and make room for more.

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