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Kraff’s ‘Daggering’ Skills Criticised After This Performance On Stage With Female Fan – Watch Video

May 1st, 2024

Dancehall artiste Kraff is facing criticism due to a video from seemingly his latest performance. The video is causing some viewers to speculate about his bedroom skills. Many viewers have concluded that the Sinna deejay is not skilled when it comes to giving a woman a good time in bed.

The assumption was made after critics watched Kraff dagger a female on stage. The deejay can be seen shirtless as he holds the microphone in one hand and uses the other to grip the woman’s pants as she bends over in front of him.

He deejays Rum Behaviour while dancing with her, and shortly afterwards, she stands up and returns to the audience. Afterwards, Kraff resumes his solo performance, and the video concludes seconds later.

The video was shared on X April 30 by Donz Media shortly before midday, then later reshared by Kadidja Palmer, who commented, “From me look pon dis me know him cyah f**k.”

Watch the video of Kraff’s performance below:

Another negative comment blamed what they deemed as Kraff having insufficient sexual abilities on “Too much weed and liquor.”

Another viewer said, “No waist movement, not even like wine??”

“Literally said the same thing. Most a dem can’t actually f*ck based off how they act,” Trashley wrote.

Read more of the comments below:

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