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Khago Declares Himself President of “Bowas Party” – Video

May 11th, 2024

Outspoken, controversial dancehall entertainer Khago is making rounds again online after blatantly declaring himself to be the president of the “bowas party”. “We launch e bowas party yesterday,” he outlined as he listed multiple other Jamaican entertainers to be associated with his party.

“The bowas have rights too… the bowas needs to start eat in peace,” he went on to designate I-Octane as “minister of taste” within his party. He also enlisted L.A. Lewis as “vice president” of the newly launched party.

This comedic live on the “oral sex” topic which is taboo in Jamaica comes on the heels of a viral video of Shaggy pushing out his tongue during a recent performance on stage. “Tongue roll out like a lizard!” says RIC LIVESTREAM who shared the video of Shaggy and Khago on Youtube.


“Mi nuh tell yo seh mi a dweet enuh sah, mi a vegetarian, mi nuh have ntn gainst unuh,” he declared at on point, implying that despite being the leader of the party, he does not take part in the eating of meat.

Further on in his live chat, Khago also took aim at World Dawg as being the leader of the “fish” party. He also talked about Prettii Don.

Watch the live chat by Khago below:

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