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Kartel Birthday Party… Shorty Twerks for the Worl’Boss – Video

January 9th, 2021

January 7th was the King of Dancehall’s birthday, and the celebration was big for Vybz Kartel, with his family presenters and friends present.

The footage of the party was captured by Likkle Vybz the eldest son of “Di Teacha” and in the video, you could see everyone dressed in all white, a custom that is also traditionally done on the same day each year by Africans and believers of the black Christ, as the 7th of January represents the Ethiopian Christmas.

In the video, it could also be seen where the family had all the champagne, and food in the world to suit their needs.

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One peculiar thing that stood out, however, was the twerking being done by Shorty the mother of Vybz Kartel’s children.

She was seen on camera wining away to a few of the “Worl Boss’s” songs but got in the mood when the song entitled “Come Home” was being played.

If it was not clear if she could dance, the mystery has been cleared with the video as she went in on the song until some of her friends eventually had to join her in the twerking.

The “King of Dancehall” who turned 45 yesterday, must have had a heartwarming experience If he got the smallest bit of chance to see the video.

The footage was posted on his Instagram page, with the caption #worlbossday so only a warden could have stopped Kartel from seeing Shorty twerking.

Check out the party in the video below.

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