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Jamaicans Advocate for Independence from British Rule – Voice Documentary – Watch Video – YARDHYPE

September 28th, 2022

Although Jamaica gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, it has been under British rule for well over 300 years. After the death of the late Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who was one of the longest reigning monarchs, the citizens seem to think that it is to become truly independent of British governance.

VICE News posted a video on YouTube of a recent Q and A (question and answer) session with a few of the citizens who spoke on this very subject. It was captioned, “As England buries their beloved queen, other presenters of the commonwealth realm prepare for what could be a swift breakup with the monarchy. The British empire enriched themselves by enslaving Africans in Jamaican fields, and that history has not been forgotten, or paid back.”

A 12-day morning period was ordered after the passing of the Queen and when asked why this is not being upheld by staying at home and thinking about the Queen, a woman stated, “okay, to be real, I don’t necessarily feel sad. She’s a person, but what she stands for, I’m kinda happy in that sense.” She further clarified that she is not a heartless person, but it is 2022, and she is not a fan of what the Queen represented.

Someone else pointed out that there are not a lot of benefits to be had from remaining under British rule. Marcus Bird (citizen) stated, “some people can travel on their passport to the U.S, U.K. We can’t do that.”

The average concern for most Jamaicans, however, is said to be if the country is going to get justice for their part in British wealth, how much that can be calculated, and how it can be returned.

Watch the entire video below:

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