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Jamaican Scammer Argues With Potential Client “Raascl**t.. What’s wrong with you?” – Listen Audio – YARDHYPE

March 31st, 2024

A suspected Jamaican scammer got infuriated when his attempts to swindle money from someone proved futile. The humorous phone call between the scammer and the potential client who seems to be someone who targets scammers online has been garnering attention.

During the phone call, the scammer told the recipient, who speaks like an elderly woman with a foreign accent, that he would instruct her on what to do. “I’m gonna tell you what to write,” he said repeatedly after asking if she had $200, which had apparently been discussed previously.

The recipient proceeds to repeat his words as if she is taking notes instead of waiting for the actual instruction, which is to write down the word “vanilla.” The scammer reacted by shouting, “Hello! Lord God. You don’t need to write that. Raascl**t… What’s wrong with you?” 

The female voice inquires if she should write “vanilla,” prompting the irate Jamaican to say, “That’s the only thing you should write. It seems like everything I say to you, you write down. You’re wasting my time.”

The female responds by repeating what he says once more as if writing it down, which prompts the scammer to utter an expletive and the call disconnects. Later in the audio, the female rambles about the phone being accidentally disconnected, prompting the man to shout at her, telling her to listen to him.

Listen to the conversation below:

After the audio was shared on Instagram, it garnered over 3,946 likes within 11 hours and many amusing responses. One IG user said, “Frustrated ova ppl money 😂😂,” and another person commented, “Aye choppa ya meet him match man😂😂😂 bet him did think a easy money da one ya.”

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