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Jamaican Company Introduces Canned Mannish Water And Curry Goat

June 30th, 2024

A local innovative company, TrippleC Manufacturing & Distribution Limited, has introduced canned mannish water and canned curry goat (among other goods) to the market for Jamaicans living abroad, and those who would love to have a taste of the two delicacies but with no time to spend in the kitchen.

Launched on Friday June 28, 2024, some of the canned goods have been 15 years in the making.

Llewellyn Wynter
Llewellyn Wynter

As per the Jamaica Observer, the products were created in association with the SRC (Scientific Research Council) and JAMPRO (Jamaica Promotions Corporation), and the mannish water is said to have a shelf life of two years.

According to Colin Jackson, the CEO for TrippleC Manufacturing & Distribution Limited, the lengthy wait for the product’s launch is due to some issues with the inceptive launch that had to be and have been corrected.

Speaking on the initiative, Floyd Green, the Minister of Agriculture said, “We want to commend TrippleC Manufacturing Limited on the launch of this innovative, creative, and truly ground breaking line of canned food.” He lauded the step forward by stating, “What we see here is a testament to commitment, commitment to agriculture…”

Continuing his speech, Green compared this new venture to canned ackee and spoke about how people were sceptical at first before the product became a hit.

“I remember that there a time that people said canned ackees won’t work, that nobody nah go want nuh canned ackee. Put ackee innah can, no sah…now we export over 30 million United States Dollars each year in ackee,” he stated.

Member of Parliament Julian Robinson also said, “These are probably two of the most favourite Jamaican meals and if we can tin this, provide an opportunity for export…many Jamaicans outside of Jamaica who would love products like this.”

After taste testing the curry, the Executive Director of JMEA (Jamaica Manufacturers & Exporters Association), Kamesha Blake said, “The chef, whoever formulated this curry goat, they can really really cook…yeah man, it’s the real way how Jamaicans do curry goat, they got it down to a T.”


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