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Jada Kingdom Shows Us Her Painting Skills – YARDHYPE

November 19th, 2023

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom’s versatility spans more than just the music as she has been dabbling her hands in the art and showcasing her painting skills.

On social media, hours ago, ‘Twinkle‘ posted the start process of a beautifully crafted piece on a white canvas. The painting which first only showed streaks of blue, was soon transformed into something unimaginable. “Just Started this new thing,” the caption read.

Soon after, another photo was uploaded to show the piece in its final stages. The painting now depicted waves in a deep blue ocean, “It’s kinda coming together…” this caption read. On the outside, with the picture on display, scenic views from a huge window are visible, seemingly to be Jada’s painting area.

However, this is not the first time that Jada Kingdom showcased her artistic skills to the media, as about few weeks ago, she shared a video of herself painting the sunset. Using different colours such as yellow, orange, black, and blue, she was able to bring it to life, along with with trees and a moon in the background.

Since the videos of her paintings have been shared, social media users have made mention of her ability to sing, cook, and now paint. They have referred to her with the words, “talented,” and “artist,” and even recommended that she open a paint and sip studio in her home country, Jamaica.

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