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Govana Says Spanish Town is “the Most Harmless Place on Earth”

June 30th, 2024

Despite the stigma and fear surrounding Spanish Town, St. Catherine, due to its troubled history of violence, Spanish Town native Govana still sees the best in his hometown. Though the artiste has found success in Dancehall and now travels the world to perform, he continues to return to the place that has helped define his music.

During an interview aired on Thursday, Govana discussed his upbringing in one of Jamaica’s most notorious garrison communities and its influence on his music. Speaking with The Fix podcast, the deejay declared that Spanish Town “is like heaven, the most harmless place on earth.”

Govana also talked about the significance of Bobby Lane which is located in Spanish Town, a place he continues to visit. The artiste highlighted the various Dancehall music videos that have been shot there, such as Skeng’s Gvnman Shift and his single with Koffee Rapture.

Govana went on to express how he felt duty-bound to help the presenters of his community who have been with him since the beginning and shared his hopes that they would help others. However, he explained that he has to be careful, as some may view his efforts as the actions of a “don.”

“The preements forward from people, because regardless of what people ago be people. But also the government a guh be di government and di high society a guh be de high society. If a Salvation Army a dweet, it a guh be okay but if mi a dweet, mi a don. Suh yuh affi careful a dat,” Govana stated.

He added that there are times he does not visit Spanish Town and keeps a low profile, especially since the rise of social media.

“More while mi just tek weh still, but wi stay connected same way. Regardless nuh care how long mi nuh deh yard and wi a forward in, a yard sameway. It nuh look like seh a visit mi a visit, seem like mi just forward back a mi yard. Mi just out deh fi a minute a get di work done,” Govana said.

The 1Matik artiste further shared that he does not feel like himself if he stays away from Spanish Town too long. While discussing the importance of the community in his life, Govana expressed how proud he feels watching the rise of Spanish Town artistes like Skeng and RajahWild.

He also highlighted the influence Spanish Town has on Dancehall and how artistes from other communities have gravitated to the area. Govana went on to share how Spanish Town as well as his time at St. George’s College has influenced him.

“Spanish Town inna everting, bro. It definitely form mi characta, and mi get di perfect blend wid growing up in Spanish Town and going to St. George’s College [ … ] We inna di garrison, we a guh through di toughest a di toughest. And going to Georges now, wi still a mix wid garrison youths but wi a get fi link up wid a lot of the uptown youths dem [ … ] Suh wi learn fi adopt in a all societies.”

Watch Govana’s interview below.


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