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Fully Bad’s Feud With Popcaan Spawns First Dancehall Diss Track Of 2021 – DancehallMag

January 9th, 2021

An Instagram feud between Fully Bad and Popcaan has spawned Dancehall’s first diss track for 2021 as the artists went head to head online.

During a recent Instagram Live by Quada, Unruly Camp associate Petro called Fully a ‘fish’ [Jamaican slang for a male homosexual] in the comments.  This prompted the Glue deejay’s quick clapback on January 4: “A yuh boss a fish, none a unu nuh unruly.”

Things escalated after he subsequently charged Popcaan in an Instagram Story to “control yuh Rugrats dem”, and the ensuing tit for tat ultimately inspired the release of his gritty new song, Another Duppy, which was released yesterday.

Fully Bad was a participant in Popcaan’s Unruly Clash series for undiscovered talent some years ago, a platform which led to him signing his now top protégé Quada. Fully was a strong contender for a deal, but chose a different path, opting instead for Foota Hype’s mentorship which fizzled last year, according to The STAR

It appears some ill feelings remain over what transpired, and it also seems like the Unruly Boss was peeved about Fully Bad’s disrespect based on his version of their history. 

Popcaan shot back in a DM with, “Youth know yo likkle bleach out self, member a me give you the name fullybad a unruly clash, a me first start give you energy, don’t bright yo b—t self wid me, don’t tag me inna unu likkle kids thing.”

Fully Bad responded with a screenshot of the DM and some scathing words for the 876GUD. “A my madda name mi and mi talent give me the name fullybad. Man all big yuh up inna interview. My youth Wul yuh corner bout energy yah JPS….control yuh cartoon character dem….one more ting badman nuh roll yiy….bun off dat. @popcaanmusic,” he said

Popcaan has seen a fair amount of ‘trouble’ since the start of the new year, sending social media into a frenzy after he roasted sprint king Usain Bolt over his new song.

But while Bolt gave a cryptic reply to the backlash, Fully Bad went all in on a grimy comeback, Another Duppy, reassuring friends and foes alike that he “nuh fraid a tough chat mouth alone dem bad wid” and is fully prepared to “sen bwoy guh rest in peace inna a tomb/ wid face pon button mark gone too soon.”  

Though it’s too soon to tell whether this will escalate to clash levels, 2021 is already applying pressure on the genre.

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