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Fully Bad Claims Popcaan Forced To Pay $3 Million Monthly To Vybz Kartel In New Diss Track – DancehallMag

January 9th, 2021

Dancehall deejay Fully Bad has released a new diss track titled Nuh Unruly, aimed directly at Popcaan and his Unruly Camp, in furtherance of their Instagram squabble.

Nuh Unruly was released yesterday with lyrics that described the Unruly Camp as a set of cartoons and declared that if Popcaan continued his shenanigans, his Askel pistol would “run yuh offa di gully wid di whole a yuh thugs”.

Fully Bad also deejayed that Popcaan was on the receiving end of a $3 million (nearly $21,000 USD) monthly shakedown from his former mentor Vybz Kartel, noting “extortion from who mi nuh grow as no punk, Poppy haffi run three mill pon Worl’ boss every month”.

Foota Hype Pleased

Foota Hype has expressed satisfaction with the new diss track after he rained criticisms on his former protégé, Fully Bad on Tuesday during Instagram Live.  The veteran selector was up in arms after Fully Bad, the artiste whom he managed up to the time of his ICE incarceration last year, released Another Duppy, what he considered a weak attempt at a clash song which was not directly aimed at anyone.

“Suh today, Tuesday by 12 a clack tomorrow, wi suppose to a hear song yuh nuh Fully. Anyweh di studio deh, yuh fi find it yuh nuh.  And deal with di whole Unruly, caw di boss come inna uh DM an style yuh,” he declared.

The so-called ‘styling’ of Fully Bad by Popcaan, to which Foota referenced, resulted after the Unruly Boss’ ‘right-hand man’ Petro labelled Fully Bad a ‘fish’ on an Instagram live chat with fellow artiste Quada.  In retaliation, Fully Bad took aim at Popcaan telling Petro on the live feed that: “A yuh boss a fish, none a unu nuh unruly.”

It was at this time that Popcaan became entangled in the drama, and subsequently sent a private message to Fully Bad on Instagram, in what Foota considered a diss, taunting: “Youth know yo likkle bleach out self, member a me give you the name fullybad a unruly clash, a me first start give you energy, don’t bright yo b—t self wid me, don’t tag me inna unu likkle kids thing”.

Foota had urged Fully not to waste this golden opportunity to ‘buss’, and to capitalize on the fact that one of the hottest Dancehall artistes in the world, was paying him direct attention.  He urged him to go immediately to the studio to voice a song to ‘rub out’ the entire Unruly Camp even, not even sparing his good friend Quada.

With the release of Nuh Unruly on Friday, Foota was in a seemingly mischievous mood as he posted the cover art for the track on his IG page and tagged Popcaan and Petro, to show them that Fully Bad had thrown down the lyrical gauntlet.

“Alright this look like @fullybadmusic ready fi kick eeen the unruly camp face yrically @popcaanupdate @popcaanmusic.vevo @popcaannmusic187 @popcaannmusic187 popcaanmusic @petro_unruly Dancehall nice again,” he wrote.

He was in for a lot of opposition though as some of his followers predicted that the song would not sound good and would be ignored by Popcaan.

“A welding torch alone can bust fullybad straight iron balloon that,” true_gunners1 said, to which Foota replied: “u soon know”.

However the jeering continued with jamaicaincognito taunting: “that comments is like a knife to Foota heart” and followers like birdy_4boys, who added: “not even welding torch cyaan bust him”.

He, however, got some support other fans including djkillafilla_uk_baddest_dj who told the critics not to write off Fully Bad, as all artistes started off at ground level.

“All who a seh the Artist a Nobody stop it Remember all a dem big Artist yah weh get big now coming fr the same stage till dem reach big a just so dancehall ting set little musical war afi inna the ting,” he said.

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