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Footage Shows 2 Women Drugging and Robbing a Man after Asking Him for Help – Video

February 18th, 2024

This video clip is making rounds on social media, it shows the moment a man tried to assist two females who were acting drunk and paid dearly for his kind gesture.

The just over one-minute-long video clip starts by showing the two females walking along a street at night with one of the females limping.

One of the women can be seen calling someone outside of the camera’s view, and then suddenly a man appears and walks towards the females.

Upon reaching the female, one fell to the ground which caused the man to kneel as he tried to assist her.

At this moment the second female walks behind the male, taking an object from her clothes in the process.

She next uses something to stab the man in his arm, seemingly a syringe and pulls him to the floor.

Next, the female who was on the floor gets up and starts to take things from the man, starting with the bag on his back, as he tussles with the other female.

Seemingly weakened by a drug, the man was unable to get back on his feet for the rest of the video as the females took as many items they could including the shoes off his feet.

The females ran off in the direction they were initially coming from after taking the items.

Watch the incident below:

It’s unclear when the robbery took place and where it took place.

See some of the reactions to the bizarre incident below:

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