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D’Angel Puts Negligent Fathers On Blast “Unuh fi duh Betta”

January 10th, 2021

Dancehall first Lady D’Angel, took to her Instagram recently to address a matter that seemed to be daunting her for some time.

In the video posted to her social media, D’angel curiously pondered on why some men would decide to spite their children because they no longer can get with his baby mother.

The issue seemed to both puzzle and aggravate the female entertainer as she mentioned that there are fathers out there who can afford taking care of their children, however, would rather turn a blind eye.

The talk made by D’Angel was very powerful and would make anyone think that the impulse for her discourse came due to the actions of Beenie Man, the father of her only son.

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She further stated that there are those men, who would go to the extent of “Flossing” in the dance, but not take care of their children and she is urging them to stop it.

The “Exposed” artiste also took the time out in her video to big up the real fathers out there, who take care of their children no matter what type of job they have.

D’angel also congratulated the good mothers out there, who stood by their children every day to ensure their survival.

To get her point across well she encouraged men to stop carrying “Pu$$y feelings” towards their baby mothers, and take care of their children because when they get old the same children usually takes care of them.

Is Beenie Man carrying “Pu$$y feelings”? We’ll just need to kick back, relax and see if this story unfolds even more.

One person commented “Yes queen dem need to do better and stop let the woman dem stress them self fi take care of dem youth” while another said “I can relate to what she saying.. Only thing is that him tek care a him baby.. but a problem inna mi life tpc😫😫😫but u never knw till u knw”.

Check out her video below,

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