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Cruel or Efficient? People React to Fish Raised in Small Bottles – Video

February 25th, 2024

The act of fish farming or rearing is usually done in spacious tanks or enclosures with an adequate amount of water and filtration to provide a healthy environment for the fish to grow and flourish.

However, a video that has people talking has begun its circulation on social media, which shows a rather unique form of raising and feeding small fish.

This technique, seemingly new to many, shows fish residing in small glass bottles (one fish per bottle) and they are being fed separately.

The technique might have been implemented to facilitate the fish eating more instead of fighting over food, but it has left people sceptical and wondering how much this helps or if it is just cruel to the fish being raised.

Shared on X a day ago, the video amassed over 20 million views in less than 30 hours after being posted.

Watch the video of how the fish are housed and fed below:

The reactions to the video are varied with some calling the method appalling, some stating that it is a good method, and others who are just curious as to why the method was used.

OmlAm said, “It’s a Betta fish or a fighting fish. There’s no other way to farm them…if they have contact they will kill each other.”

The Boring Mates wrote, “Looking at the colour of that water, most fishes seem dead already,” and Miss Jo stated, “Not that weird…But is is cruelty to a new level…”

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