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Cliff Hughes Says Going Back Road is “A Rite of Passage… I have been a customer of Back Road” – Watch Video

March 14th, 2024

Emmy award-winning journalist and news personality Cliff Hughes labelled the red-light district affairs that happen in the corporate area as an important part of growing up for those who were raised in the city.

Hughes, who was speaking with the JLP’s (Jamaica Labour Party) Robert Miller (Member of Parliament for St. Catherine South Eastern), on his popular radio talk show (Cliff Hughes Online), says that going to back road “is a rite of passage growing up in Jamaica, in Kingston, you go back road.”

Popularly known as ‘Back Road’ to many, the activities that go on in this section of Kingston city are professionally known as prostitution which is said to be the “oldest profession” due to how long it has been a part of society and how far back it can be traced.

A video of the session was uploaded to social media and began with Hughes questioning, “Hold on, you’re telling me say that the red light business that go on at back road done, stop, gone out of business??”

He seemed surprised that ‘Back Road’ could ever go out of business and after hearing that this was not the case, moved on to state, “Ohh…and I have been a customer of back road.”

When it seemed those in the studio with him were somewhat taken aback by the fact that he has been a customer of Back Road, Hughes said, “unnuh must talk truth…dem creating all kind of excitement…”

Watch the video below:

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