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Clarendon Residents Capture Crocodile in Salt River – Watch Videos

May 13th, 2024

Several residents from Clarendon managed to capture a crocodile at Salt River, where a crowd had apparently gathered to seek relief from the sweltering heat. A video surfaced over the weekend showing at least three men hauling the crocodile from the water with a rope while another holds the reptile’s tail.

Excited onlookers watch carefully as the men pull the crocodile onto shore with great effort. One of the bystanders shouts, “Nuh drown him!”  As soon as the reptile is on land, a man kneels on his back while another fetches a rope to tie his mouth shut.

The man tying the crocodile along with others can be seen slapping the reptile a few times before the video concludes.

Another video also shows a man seemingly sitting on a branch above water, where a crocodile can be seen beneath. He speaks to people about the reptile, seemingly telling them that there is a lot of meat on the crocodile.

Watch the videos of the crocodile below:

The videos were shared on X at 4:58 p.m. on May 12, but it is unclear when the incident occurred. The video has since garnered over 27.9K views. Popular disc jockey ZJ Sparks commented, “Well ah dem place and people know a dem place.”

Another viewer said, “Lmao dem drag it out like the animal tief summin.”

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